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Presentations and Seminars


  • Platform-Based Design: An Approaching Reality, SoC Online 2003, October, 2003 [paper]
  • Platform-Based Design: What is Required for Viable SoC Design?, EDA Vision, The Online Magazine for EDA Professionals, June, 2002 [paper]
  • Platform Based Design: The Next Reuse Frontier, Embedded Systems Conference, 2002 [presentation]
  • Toward A Method For Platform-Based Development of Embedded Systems, BASYS White Paper, 2002 [paper]
  • Reuse Standards: The First Step in Packaging IP, Software Experience Consortium, 1999 [presentation]
  • Measure for Measure: A Quantitative Quality Management Program, SEI SEPG Conference, 1998 [paper | presentation]
  • Process Improvement Matrix: A Tool for Measuring Progress Toward Better Quality, Fifth International Conference on Software Quality, 1995 [paper | presentation]

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